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Drinking Calculator is an app that uses algorithms to compare any alcoholic beverages that you like, enabling users to work out which drink would get them drunk in the fastest possible time, and which would get them drunk at the cheapest possible price. Whether you're out with your mates or drowning your sorrows, this app wont fail to help you choose the perfect drink for the occasion.


• Choose from an enormous and ever-growing database of drinks, rather than inputting all the figures yourself.

• Save both money and time by letting our algorithms work out the cheapest and fastest drinks from what you have available.

• Learn something new to impress your friends with our 'Alcohol facts' that pop up each time you open the app.


• INTERNET CONNECTION: For us to be able to show you ads! However this is not necessary for the app to run.

• EXTERNAL STORAGE: Allows Drinking Calculator to store all the drinks, both pre-set and added.


I think we can all agree that drinking is great fun. It lowers your inhibitions, enables total strangers to become best friends and helps us make our best memories! Lets be honest, what great story ever began with "I had just downed my fourth can of Tango". None. Now replace Tango with Carlsberg, fourth with fourteenth... and now you've got a story I want to hear!.

Over the years we've realized that there are two big factors that limit our utilization of the benefits of alcohol: time and money.

You turn up to pre-drinks too late and suddenly its a race against time to reach an adequate level of drunkenness to brave the dance-floor of the club. Or when times are tough and your weekly beer budget is getting smaller and smaller, you have to make every drink count towards attaining that story-worthy intoxication.

In either case we are faced with questions of what will get us drunk fastest, and what will get us drunk cheapest.

Being the stingy *ahem*, sorry determined go-getters that we are, we would always resort to some meticulous mathematical system to squeeze every last drop of alcohol from our seconds and pennies.

But finally it dawned on us, not only is this a massive hassle, but time spent grinding out mental mathematics is time spent not getting drunk. Not good.

So what you bare witness to now is our gift to all fellow drinkers. This app is guaranteed to get you the best buzz for you buck, or have you blacking out at the fastest possible rate.

Simply find your drink of choice on our enormous database, or manually enter it in and get comparing with all other options available, to work out just how to get drunk fast, cheap and easy.

Whether you're scrupulously counting your pennies or keeping an ever watchful eye on the clock, this is the app for you.



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